Hey Brother, Can You Spare $2.7 Million?

Don't Be Like The City Of Atlanta That Paid Millions After A Ransomware Attack In March 2018, Atlanta's city government was hit with a ransomware attack that paralyzed them. They couldn't process payments, provide information or other citizen services because their IT system was locked down. The note attached to the SamSam ransomware demanded $5

10 Major Reasons Small Businesses Are Still Vulnerable To Malware Attacks

We have seen firsthand the common errors and oversights that lead to infections and intrusions – and we want to help your business learn from those mistakes. When it comes right down to it, cybersecurity best practices are not nearly as complicated or confusing as they seem on the surface. That’s not to say that security is simple, but rather

Check Out The Latest Stats About The State of Cybercrime

Sonicwall has published their Annual Threat Report for 2018 – what you read inside may surprise you.  As more of your business information is digitized, cybersecurity should be a key component of your overall business security. It's the only way you can ensure that your data is protected from cybercriminals.  It's because of the extensive d

Bring the Personal Touch to Business Communication with Skype for Business!

Why do people meet face to face? -- That’s when communication is at its best! By leveraging Skype for Business, you allow people to do more than hear your voice or read your words on paper. While there is a time and place for emails, phone calls, and conference calls, there is no substitute to seeing someone’s smile and watching their exp

Can You Keep Up With Shifts In Social Media?

Instagram is taking on Pinterest, Snapchat, and Facebook to compete for a larger chunk of the social content sharing market with a new branding innovation. Who is the current king of Social Media? That depends on who you ask. With the variety of social platforms — Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, the list goes on — the king of Social Me

OneNote–This is One Microsoft Program Worth Taking Note Of!

Microsoft OneNote is a note-taking application and digital notebook where you can store your notes, plans, lists, and anything you need to remember. Easily organize, print, and share your notes, and search them to find important information quickly. OneNote stores your notes in The Cloud, so you can access them from any mobile device wherever

How to Take Your PowerPoint Skills to The Next Level

Did you know?— PowerPoint was released on 1987 for MacIntosh computers? Microsoft acquired PowerPoint for $14 million three months later? PowerPoint was initially developed to design transparencies, but evolved over time to present content? Wow! PowerPoint has gone through many changes since 1987, but it's still an easy-to-us