Apex Technology Management Helps Student Veterans In Redding, California Reach Their Goals
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IT Company in ReddingWe are proud to announce that the Veterans Success Center of Simpson University in Redding California has recognized us for our support and donation of computers and conference room technology to help their students achieve success.

Simpson University is a Christ-centered, military-friendly university with an enduring commitment to honoring military service members, veterans, and their families by offering a faith-infused education in professional studies and liberal arts.

As the Director of Veterans Success Center, Justin Spears works to accommodate service members, veterans, and their dependents as they seek out their education options. The Success Center’s goal is to help guide student veterans through a successful educational experience and completion of a degree to prepare them for meaningful careers.

When Justin needed help replacing the aging technology in the Veteran Success Center, the team at Apex volunteered our support.

Justin explains:

“The computers and technology we were provided at the Success Center were ready to be thrown into the trash heap. There was no way our veterans would be able to use them. I started a partnership program with businesses in the area to find the support we required. Scott Putnam, an alumnus from Simpson University and member of our Advisory Council, stepped up to the plate. He and the team at Apex provided the computers and conference room technology our vets needed to reach their academic goals and connect with the business world to find fulfilling and meaningful careers.”

Scott helped Justin with fundraising to get the multiple computers they needed, a stand-alone print system, and a fully furnished and advanced conference room with all the latest technology. With this new computing environment, Justin and others at the Success Center can now meet their goals of transitioning veterans from the military to civilian life, into the world of higher education, and then on out into the workforce into meaningful careers.

Justin tells us more:

“Scott and the team at Apex Technology Management were integral to our success. Our conference room (what we call ‘The Situation Room”) is now fitted with state-of-the-art audio and visual technologies. Because we’re in a rural area here in Redding, our students needed a way to connect to virtual career fairs, leadership training, and job interviews via Skype and Zoom. Before this, they had to use their cellphones, which just wasn’t adequate. Apex has helped us bridge the gap between this need and their future success. We can’t tell you how much we appreciate their support!”

Jason and others in the Veterans Success Center can now help their veteran students not only succeed in their chosen classes but succeed in finding the best positions once they graduate. They do this by getting students plugged into national training and seminars, and once they graduate, help them attain the business connections they need to succeed. Along with Jason’s hard work and dedication, all this has been made possible by the contributions Apex Technology Management provided.

Apex Technology Management, Inc.

The team at Apex prides itself on contributing to the community in many ways. We do this not only with veterans here in Redding, but by helping many other volunteer services and nonprofit organizations.

Our motto is, “We exist to transform organizations and lives through innovative technology solutions.”  And, we do more than promote this motto; we act on it every day.

By helping businesses and organizations leverage up-to-date and customized solutions, we also help them achieve their goals with greater efficiencies and lowered costs.

We do this by designing a clearly defined IT blueprint with guidelines for the most efficient and appropriate IT solutions, applications, and processes. With these guidelines, we help organizations benefit from a consistent and standardized IT infrastructure that minimizes unnecessary complexity and costs.

Our experts align strategic technology investments closely with an organization’s goals to take advantage of operational and competitive opportunities. Then we implement and deploy technologies that will improve the effectiveness of their workforce and promote productivity.

Along with this, we offer the procurement assistance they need to find the right technology solutions for their unique needs at the best prices. The outcome is improved performance, backed by secure and cost-effective IT solutions with a track record of performance.

We understand the challenges organizations like the Veterans Success Center face. Today, they’re extremely dependent on information technology, and it’s required for them to reach their goals. They must be able to have access to reliable technology services from a trustworthy IT services provider who specializes in meeting their specific requirements.

The businesses and organizations we serve know that we deliver IT solutions to help them provide excellent services, secure their data, increase efficiencies, and reduce technology costs. We invite you to contact us to learn how we can do this for you.

For more information or to discuss scheduling an assessment of your IT needs, contact the team at Apex Technology Management.  Our offices are located in Northern, Central and Southern California.  Call us (800) 310-2739 or visit www.apex.com

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