Joy Signal Technology Trusts Apex Technology Management To Upgrade Aging IT Infrastructure
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When a Technical Engineering and Manufacturing Firm Needed to Upgrade Their Aging I.T. Infrastructure, They Called Apex

Upgrade Aging IT Infrastructure

Joy Signal Technology, based out of Chico, California, designs and manufactures specialized interconnect assemblies – primarily for the semiconductor test industry. For nearly 50 years they’ve served worldwide markets with cost-effective solutions for ruggedized Mil/Aero, Telecom and Datacom, Medical, Automatic Test Equipment (ATE), Computer, Audio, Gaming, Security, and Vending and Power Connector Products.
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The Situation: Dealing with Frustrating and Out-of-Scope Technical Issues

The Joy Signal engineers require an effective technology platform to design and manufacture products, as well as share an engineering database and high-end solid modeling stations with their partnering company in Ohio. Not to mention the fact that their office staff runs all financial systems via the Internet. Due to this reliance on connectivity, their network must be up and running 100% at all times. Any problems with hardware, software or Internet service will bring operations to a grinding halt and cause expensive periods of downtime.

“For many years we had an in-house I.T. person who grew with our company,” says John Joy of Joy Signal Technology. “Unfortunately, he passed away and when he did we were scrambling to understand our systems and keep them running. We hired an independent local I.T. support person to help us get things under control, but I knew that eventually, we would require a more organized and aggressive approach.”

“We needed to upgrade our aging I.T. equipment, refresh our operating systems, and maintain the ability to get service at any time of the workday,” continues Joy. “This wasn’t possible for a single I.T. specialist, who was already working with finite resources and multiple clients. So, our search continued.”

The Solution: Finding a Bigger I.T. Company to Keep Their Business Functional & Scalable

“The sales person from Apex Technology had been stopping by periodically to educate us about their services,” explains John Joy. “I’ve learned that when a salesperson gets rebuffed and then keeps coming back, it’s an indication they are a serious company. So, when I decided to engage a bigger I.T. service, Apex was my first call.”

“With Apex Technology, we now have the expert I.T. support and service to keep growing our business,” continues Joy. “Once we agreed on a contract, they were quick to send a team to assess our situation and resolve our issues. They worked with us to put an I.T. plan together to remove the old servers and put in a new peak-performing system.”

Once the partnership was official, the Apex team has worked diligently to:

  • Provide strategic assistance with prioritizing issues according to importance,
  • Get up to speed working with Joy Signal Technology’s specialized software,
  • Think outside the box when it comes to keeping software and hardware systems up to date,
  • Consider all sides & potential impacts of an issue when troubleshooting, and
  • Offer responsive, anytime availability and reliable support.

The Outcome: Smooth & Efficient Operations Thanks to an Ongoing I.T. Partnership

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The entire Joy Signal Technology team now reaps the benefits provided by Apex:

  • Staff members are no longer spending time addressing irritating I.T. issues,
  • Client data is being backed up properly, consistently and securely,
  • Servers are fast, reliable and always functional,
  • The network is organized and efficient,
  • Cabling is now labeled and secured with cable management hardware, and
  • The server room is organized with hardware secured in a locked cabinet.

“Apex is a company that understands the importance of customer service and they provide the technical competency a business like ours needs to grow,” says Joy. “These two things make all the difference for me. I would definitely recommend Apex Technology to other businesses in California.”

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