Tracy Willis Corporate Controller
IT Support in Seattle

Financial business practices follow GAAP principles of fiscal integrity, promote accountability, and maintain client trust.

She brings a wide range of experience to the Apex Team, including more than 20 years of accounting and auditing experience in the hospitality field, as well as a few years of systems installations way back when! During her long tenure with The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, Tracy was responsible for operating the financial division at individual properties. She directed the Accounting, Purchasing, and IT departments. This includes opening eight luxury hotels (four international properties) where she implemented accounting and business IT systems, as well as performed onsite system and process training. This experience, combined with her specialization in system conversions and internal audit, has given her a unique ability to analyze a wide range of business systems and operations as they relate to accounting and financial controls. On an interesting note: Tracy also spent more than 4 years as an Elementary School teacher! Tracy holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Cornell University in Consumer Economics with a concentration in Business Management.

Away from Apex, Tracy enjoys spending time with family, serving people in our community and internationally, as well as involving herself in biking, kayaking, creative arts, theater, and dance.

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