Apex Celebrates 10 Fantastic Years with Tom Grisell On Our Team!
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Apex, a leading, award-winning IT services company in Redding, CA, strives to transform lives and organizations through innovative technology solutions. We aim to act as a strategic partner for you – helping you handle your information technology to resolve challenges and reach short and long-term business objectives. You can rest assured knowing we go above and beyond simply reacting to issues that arise, we transform the way you operate with a proactive approach to managing and maintaining your systems.

We provide a range of IT services that can be seen here. Our IT services are designed to handle all sorts of needs and requirements, because we know information technology is vital in the modern business environment. Essentially, when you choose an IT services company, you’re choosing someone to handle the foundation of your operations. We take that seriously – investing heavily in our people, training, and tools. Just check out our technical expertise here.

Similar to any organization, we’re only as extraordinary as our people – those we hire to embody the mission and vision of our organization, those who go the extra mile to make you, our client, happy with unsurpassed client service, exceptional technical know-how, and a general friendly nature that aims to please. Every now and then, an employee comes along who earns your loyalty year after year.

For us, we’re proud and thankful to have many of those great employees. Tom Grisell, vCIO at Apex, is one of them who has stuck by us for years and years. In fact, he recently celebrated 10 fantastic years working with our team of trusted technology professionals! George Passidakis, Director of Sales and Marketing, expressed the following:

“Apex has been very fortunate to have a superstar like Tom for 10 years and hopefully many more! He’s been an instrumental part of shaping and reinforcing our company culture. He’s a constant positive force around Apex and someone who stays positive, upbeat, and encouraging to everyone around him with his lighthearted ways.”

When You Need an IT Services Company in Redding, CA That Hires the Best of the Best, You Can Trust Apex!

George continued,

Thank you, Tom! We’re looking forward to the next 10 years. They’re going to be amazing! Congratulations.”

What makes Tom Grisell such a stand out employee? Aside from his constant positivity and upbeat, lighthearted ways we mentioned above, he’s a fantastic asset with his extensive experience in the following areas:

  • Project management
  • Systems engineering
  • Large-scale software/hardware deployments
  • E-commerce
  • Employee training, development, and management
  • Contract negotiation
  • Documentation
  • And much more

He’s a multi-faceted technology professional who’s incredibly proficient when it comes to managing, implementing, and supporting enterprise-wide business solutions. He truly excels at architecting and optimizing network infrastructures, virtual server environments, and data management systems. He also excels at working alongside engineers, developers, users, and vendors.

Plus, he understands the importance of melding business knowledge with technical know-how to help companies thrive with cost-cutting, performance-enhancing solutions that propel them forward. He’s been known to resolve challenges and reach goals that couldn’t be resolved or met by predecessors.

Overall, he’s an amazing asset to our team and to those we serve and we’re very proud of his commitment to our company and our clients.

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