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We are in the middle of truly unprecedented times. The issues we are facing today are not ones that we could have, necessarily, seen coming, which leaves many people in situations they are not prepared for.

COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has had a massive impact on both the business world and everyone’s personal lives. It is time to address the elephants that are in the room, and I will propose some solutions to try to get us to the other side as best as possible.


Social Distancing

The biggest key piece in the defense strategy against COVID-19 is Social Distancing. Rather than reactively quarantining known Coronavirus cases, Social Distancing asks that we proactively avoid crowds as a way of massively slowing down the transmission rate of the virus.

This is not as intense as a full quarantine, but the CDC is now requesting that everyone avoid groups of 10 or more, which inherently causes problems for any business with offices larger than 10 employees.

Closing Schools

It’s one thing for all sports to be canceled. For many Americans, sports are a huge source of entertainment every season, but sports are really just that – entertainment.

Then local establishments started closing – restaurants, bars, even Disneyland. These closures definitely bring an inconvenience in the way of disrupting our normal flow of life.

But schools closing? That changes everything.

All of a sudden, your employees with children have to find a solution for care during the day.

All of a sudden, your employees have to think about basics like preparing breakfast and lunch for kids who normally receive meals at school.

All of a sudden, your employees’ work might have just slipped to the 3rd or 4th most pressing thing they need to do today. (And that’s ok. But more on that below)

Overtaxed Emotions

Lastly, if you are in the healthcare or local government space, your employees are definitely feeling the impact of being overtaxed by the extra work caused and mindspace taken up by COVID-19. If you are not in one of those industries, it is still quite possible that your employees’ loved ones are, and your employee might be feeling the stress of an overtaxed partner.

As Maslow pointed out in his Hierarchy of Needs, Coronavirus is calling many of our basic building blocks for stability into question. Everyone’s weekly routine has been disrupted in some way. This takes a toll on employees’ emotions and mental state. The impact is different for everyone.

Once again, the far reaching spread of the Coronavirus is having a much bigger impact than anyone could have imagined.


Practice Patience and Understanding

Before we dive into business solutions, let’s address the fact that the best businesses are the ones that take great care of their clients and employees. While this pandemic is affecting bottom lines and causing stress, it is affecting the bottom line and stress levels of EVERYONE.

We are all in the same boat. Let’s practice being patient with each other and show some understanding that will truly have an impact on your clients and employees.

Remote Work

If your industry allows it, many of the hurdles above can be helped by giving employees the option to work remotely.

  • Allowing your employees to work remote will give them space they need to socially distance themselves from potential harm.
  • Giving the option to work from home gives employees the ability to bridge the gap between work and child care that many families are trying to solve for right now.
  • Emotions are going to be overtaxed until this whole thing is done, but having freedom and flexibility might be just what an employee needs to keep their head above water during these trying times.

If you need assistance putting together a disaster plan that allows your company, through technology, the flexibility to have options in times like these, reach out to us anytime. There are many options out there, but not all of them focus on cybersecurity as a building block for your safest solution.

If this is something you need, reach out to us today. We are happy to talk through your needs, your priorities, and your budget, and help find a solution that is best for your business. Our goal is to transform organizations and lives through innovative technology solutions. We would love to do that for you.