Tehama County Trusts Apex Technology Management to Create a Scalable, Reliable IT Infrastructure Across Multiple County Departments
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Computer Services Tehama CountyDue to infrastructure resource constraints within their IT environment, Tehama County was facing serious limitations with both scalability and reliability.  Critical IT projects were approaching that required more resources than were available from their existing servers.  Tehama Country knew it was time to seek out assistance – thankfully, Apex was able to help.

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Some of the issues they were facing:

  • Multiple departments were having software vendors request hardware upgrades or software upgrades that required newer operating systems.
  • Each department had their own servers (each server carrying all the roles for each department)
  • Many of their servers were aged and either performing slowly, requiring replacement, or becoming unsupported by vendors.
  • All departments were concerned about the cost and how would they find the funds to pay for it.

IT solutions were managed independently for each department which led to a great deal of overlap across departments.

With the high workload required by a County Government Agency, having a solid Information Technology infrastructure is critical.  In today’s information driven environment, the effective use of technology is more important than ever.  If operations aren’t seamless, connected and efficient, they risk facing significant challenges.

The Need for Reliable, Scalable IT in Multiple Departments Mandated Major Changes in IT Strategy & Infrastructure!

With a lack of scalability and reliability in their IT environment, Tehama County was limited in their existing capacity. At the same time, they had several significant IT projects coming up that would require a considerable amount of resources from their existing servers – resources they didn’t possess.

Critical systems were running on one piece of hardware, which meant Tehama County’s IT environment wasn’t able to provide appropriate processing power and disk space, not to mention the fact that there was a single point of failure.

It was obvious that in order for Tehama County to reach its goals, it was necessary for multiple departments, in multiple locations, to make changes to their IT strategies.

A Proposed IT Infrastructure Buildout Project to Minimize Existing Issues & Maximize Potential Opportunities!

Fortunately, Tehama County already had a trusted IT partner. “They had a good reputation – they were known for providing quality support and quality work” comments Dana Hollmer, Treasurer and Tax Collector for Tehama County.

Their IT partner, Apex Technology Management, was eager to dive in. Apex responded by creating a proposal for an infrastructure buildout project to address all of these issues across all of the impacted departments.

The project proposed by Apex focused mainly on adding shared storage in their data center, implementing additional front end processing power with multiple physical servers, and migrating everything off of the one single server to the shared infrastructure. In order to do this, the team at Apex Technology Management implemented:

  • A Wireless network bridge to connect the Admin and Annex offices.
  • Redundant internet connectivity at 2 physical locations.
  • Improved network performance via Layer 3 Switching
  • Improved security via segmented networks
  • Uptime Improvements utilizing a server and network battery backup solution
  • Disaster Recovery Solution with Secure Offsite nightly backups
  • Centralized Storage with capacity for future growth
  • High Availability Server Resources for increased reliability
  • Virtualization Infrastructure for efficient sharing of hardware resources
  • Power Protection Solution for server and networking production equipment

Hollmer expresses appreciation not only for the improvements that Apex Technology Management made to Tehama County’s IT environment, but for the way they carried out the process as well, saying, “They schedule all of the major work to be done after 5 or 6 o’clock at night or on the weekends; they are organized – they give you ample warning of what is going to happen, how much downtime, who’s going to be on site, what their needs are from people in the County. . .

They just get the job done. It doesn’t matter if it’s 2 in the morning – they’re there working on it, and they don’t charge any more for that. They tell you upfront what it’s going to be, and that’s what it is, and that’s the job they do.”

A Committed, Expert I.T. Partner & Scalable, Dependable IT Environment That Can Grow Alongside the County!

Thanks to all of the improvements that Apex Technology Management has implemented for Tehama County and their IT environment, the long term benefits continue to be seen.

Hollmer expresses appreciation for all of the work that Apex Technology Management has both done and continues to do, saying, “I feel like they are a very trusted IT partner and I would continue to recommend them. . . through the years I have recommended them to other departments that are struggling with their IT providers, and people have been pleased. Their client base from the County has grown and grown because they’ve done such a solid job for us.”

The process in total took about three months, and has allowed Tehama County to achieve:

  • An increase in data capacity by 20x
  • 66% additional front end processing power
  • High availability of servers and storage
  • Centralized management of infrastructure
  • Spare capacity for future growth
  • Overall improved network performance between department endpoints, buildings, VPN’s & servers


Hollmer beams, “They’re responsive, they’re really organized, they have a really good case management system. . .

They provide different solutions and let you make a decision on what fits your budget and fits your needs the best, and they’ve always followed through with exactly what was outlined in the quote.”

Here at Apex Technology Management, we understand that you’re looking for a team that will go above and beyond simply reacting to issues – you want a team that transforms the way your organization operates.  Contact us today at (800) 310-2739, or send us an email at info@apex.com to learn how we can make that happen!