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In an effort to make sure we’re exceeding our clients’ expectations, Apex Technology Management sends out customer satisfaction surveys on a regular basis. We love reading the great comments our clients provide. We also like to recognize those who honor us with positive feedback. So, to thank them, we hold a drawing each month where the winner gets a $25 gift card.

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Our clients (even the winning ones!) have faced many challenges with their technology in the past. Now, it’s our job to help them overcome these challenges and grow their organizations and businesses with the “winning” IT solutions that best fit their needs.

What IT Challenges Does Your Business Or Organization in California Face?

The following are some of the challenges our clients faced before they found us. We’ve broken these down into a few of the industries that we serve.

Law Firms Struggled With Data Recovery & IT Security

If you run any type of law practice, you know that it’s your legal obligation to protect your clients’ confidential information. Your technology solutions provider must be capable of handling all of your IT security requirements and be up to date on the latest cyber threats and ways to protect your data.

Law firms are governed by eDiscovery regulations that make security and compliance critical.

To provide for full disclosure for case data, all of your digital files must be available for recovery and distribution immediately upon request. This means that you must be using special software that not only backs files up for long periods of time but also offers an easy way to segment and recall the segment with a few clicks of a button.

Our legal clients know that we can help them do this. They’re happy because they now have a multi-layered, managed security defense using sophisticated security devices like technical controls, firewalls, patching, antivirus, software updates, intrusion-detection, and log analysis systems.

They also have quick and efficient data recovery with the VPN solutions we provide. This virtualizes their entire IT infrastructure and provides a mirror image of it in a secure cloud. They can spin this up in a matter of minutes instead of waiting hours (or in some cases even days) to recover their data.

Financial Services Businesses Faced Challenges With The Software They Use

If you’re a CPA or work in an accounting firm, you likely use a number of different applications and associated databases to conduct business. You must ensure that your software is kept up-to-date and that it’s performing as it should.

Our IT team is versed in the software you use every day, including:

  • SuperForm Tax Forms
  • QuickBooks
  • Lacerte
  • GoFileRoom
  • Sage Accounting
  • Drake Financial Software
  • ProSystems fx: Tax, Document, Engagement, Practice Management
  • BNA Income Tax Planner
  • Thomson Reuters Checkpoint Tools

When our clients get the help they need, they can take advantage of the explosion of digital capabilities to drive the value of their businesses. Plus, when we help them incorporate the financial software they use with solutions like Microsoft Office 365, the CPAs and CFOs who embrace these new tools have a huge opportunity to increase their enterprise’s value.

Healthcare Organizations Worried About HIPAA IT Compliance

Healthcare and medical organizations have huge responsibilities – Not only must they secure and protect their patients’ health, but they must protect their PHI, EHRs, and confidential data.

Many are overworked and understaffed, and all the paperwork they must deal with can slow them down. How can they focus on their patients when they have all this plus IT-Security and HIPAA-Compliance issues to deal with?

Once they get on board with our team, many have written and told us that they’re now able to focus on their patients. They turn their HIPAA IT concerns over to us.

Now, with multi-layered data protection, 24/7 monitoring of their system, email security, vulnerability audits, mobile device management, and backup and disaster solutions, they have the time and focus they need to serve their patients. Plus, with peak-performing technology solutions, they can process documents more quickly and efficiently without downtime or IT glitches.

County and Municipal Governments Faced With Ever-Tightening Budgets Needed Up-to-Date IT Solutions

Most county and municipal governments must deal with limited financial resources – and because of this, they feel increased pressure to cut costs and improve productivity. They’re under scrutiny from both an efficiency and cost-savings standpoint.

The result is that they end up using outdated and inefficient technology solutions. They sometimes find themselves falling behind when it comes to using the right technology. They also need help with planning their IT budgets and strategies so these align with their requirements.

The pressure was on them to use cost-effective IT solutions like cloud computing, mobile access, virtualization, and applications that can handle big data. Until they found Apex Technology, they wondered how they could keep their technology running smoothly and securely while juggling all these demands.

Now they write to tell us how much help we provided. How did we do this? By offering our vCIO services. Now they have access to the skills, knowledge, and experience of a CIO without the expense of paying a salary and benefits.

They profit from a high-level technology expert with a deep understanding of business management and how to strategically align IT solutions to meet requirements while keeping costs to a minimum.

Engineering & Architectural Firms Had Problems Finding A Tech With Experience In 3D CAD

Architecture and engineering firms are under constant pressure with economic shifts, a shrinking talent pool, and a fiercely competitive marketplace. And when it comes to information technology, they need solutions that don’t cost a fortune and can make a positive and tangible difference.

One such solution is 3D modeling software. There’s software for beginners, as well as more sophisticated solutions for experienced architects. And our clients know that our team can help to support and integrate this software with their other IT solutions.

3D modeling software enables them to produce detailed and realistic results, and it’s the best solution to save time, money, and increase efficiency. Now with our support, they can win bids, manage projects efficiently, and compete without cost overruns.

What IT Challenges Does Your Business Face?

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