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The technical assessment evaluates a small-to-medium business’s I.T. environment against I.T. industry best practices.

It consists of a physical inspection, an on-site interview, and a set of non-disruptive software tools, which gather and compile data about the organization’s IT infrastructure and security protocols.

Reports are compiled from the data gathered through the Assessment.

These reports may be used in developing a 3-5-year IT business plan, validating grant or external funding requests, building practical (and prioritized) remediation plans, developing comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) plans, evaluating and affirming internally implemented systems, and helping quantify systems and infrastructures that have evolved into an unknown state.

This assessment evaluates five discrete layers of IT infrastructure across four areas: Inventory, Security, Reliability and Sustainability. The reports also provide recommendations to mitigate and remedy layers/areas that are evaluated to be below commonly accepted I.T. standards.