Is Your Team Ready for Potentially Crippling Disasters?
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An effective disaster recovery plan encompasses a wide range of variables all falling into place – and it’s critical to ensure that your team is strategically prepared for absolutely anything.

A disaster can cripple operations when you haven’t accounted for everything: severe weather, human error, hardware issues, and any other number of potential threats can do major damage to your productivity. That’s why Apex works with you to make sure the 3 most critical components of your business are protected: employees, information & systems, and your facilities.

Many small and medium businesses haven’t even thought of disaster recovery – and statistics show that most small or medium businesses hit with a disaster end up closing their doors.

So, what can you do to keep your business from becoming another statistic of livelihood lost? Here are 10 crucial tips:

  • Prepare employees for any variable
  • Identify and prioritize your most critical assets
  • Determine the biggest potential risks facing your business
  • Evaluate the IT solutions you currently have in place
  • Evaluate your solution provider
  • Write a detailed recovery plan
  • Regularly test your recovery plan
  • Document the details of your test, including any potential issues
  • Regularly update your plan as your company evolves
  • Stay informed and communicate with your team

Creating an effective recovery plan may seem daunting, which is where Apex comes in. Our team of IT professionals help ensure that everything is accounted for.

We work with you every step of the way to provide peace of mind and fill in any holes you may have missed – so when an issue comes up, it’s dealt with quickly and effectively allowing you to continue serving clients.

To learn more about the essentials of disaster recovery and how to get your operations ready, reach out to Apex at or (800) 310-2739.

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