IT Services for Engineering & Architecture Firms
IT Support in Seattle

Helping you to stay ahead of increasingly complex expectations and ever-evolving competition.

You’re more dependent on information technology than ever before.

In a time when Engineering and Architecture firms are expected to produce more with fewer resources in less time, it’s vital for you to start looking at new ways of using information technology.

Apex specializes in providing IT services for engineering and architecture firms. We’re the trusted choice when it comes to eliminating frustration associated with information technology.

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Apex knows you need a rock solid technology infrastructure to help your staff work smarter and faster. Our team is able to provide the proactive solutions you truly need to prevent unexpected technology issues from impacting tight project deadlines.

We can help you:

  • Improve mobility: Services such as Microsoft Office 365 or virtual desktops, help your team sort through, access, and share vital information in a secure manner from any device or location to enhance productivity.
  • Prepare for disaster:We know stopping operations simply isn’t an option for a busy firm. That’s why we provide business continuity planning and effective backup and disaster recovery services that your organization can count on.
  • Achieve true collaboration: Store and access time sensitive files in the cloud for anytime, anywhere access so you’re able to collaborate on important projects from wherever you are.
  • Secure against threats: Our security services are comprehensive, including anti-virus software, firewalls, web-content filtering, and more to safeguard against a growing range of threats that could otherwise get in the way of productivity and project success.

Start watching staff morale skyrocket as we reduce the time, money, and energy spent dealing with technology issues in the workplace. When you need IT done right the first time around, choose Apex as your trusted partner. Get to a better place with your technology infrastructure and improve your competitive edge.

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