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With new threats coming every day, keeping your business safe against cybercrime is more important than ever.

Think about all of the vital information you work with every day – sales transactions, customer records, project details, financial statements and more.

You need to know that your network environment is properly protected and can adapt quickly to defend against the latest threats.

Apex provides IT security as a core component of our offerings.

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We know the growing threat level facing organizations in the modern business environment requires a comprehensive analysis coupled with a proven IT security solution designed to prevent multiple forms of attacks.

We provide a comprehensive suite of proven security solutions that include:

Technical Assessments

Our assessments consist of a physical inspection, on-site interviews, and a set of non-disruptive software tools, which gather and compile data about your organization’s IT infrastructure and security protocols.

The findings in four areas: security, inventory, reliability, and sustainability are analyzed to produce reports that may be used in developing a 3-5 year IT business plan, building practical (and prioritized) remediation plans, developing comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery (BDR) plans, evaluating and affirming internally implemented systems, and helping quantify systems and infrastructures that have evolved into an unknown state.

Next Generation Firewalls (NGFW)

NGFW’s are one of the most important parts of any security program as traditional firewalls have become obsolete. Our NGFW’s give you a greater protection over traditional firewalls:

  • Stateful packet inspection to block data from communications initiated via the Internet.
  • Application identification & virtualization that lets you control what applications can be accessed for optimizing network bandwidth.
  • Intrusion prevention as the front-line network defense against dangerous application attacks.
  • Threat prevention to keep viruses, malware, ransomware, and many other threats from reaching your network.
Email Security and SPAM Filtering

Email is absolutely integral to your daily communication, however, it’s also an easy way for hackers to get into your network. Our comprehensive email security and SPAM filtering gives you peace of mind knowing you’re protected against threats such as spam, phishing, viruses, and various other forms of malware while also delivering outbound data loss prevention.

If you to send sensitive information via email, our email encryption service lets you send and receive encrypted emails to contacts outside your organization.

Endpoint Security

With the rapidly growing number of threats being discovered, you need comprehensive protection for your workstations and servers. Our endpoint security solution offers more protection than traditional anti-virus software. We also include a lightweight anti-exploit service that uses behaviors to block threats rather than just relying on traditional signature files.

We make sure your systems always have the latest protection to give you the confidence in your technology – letting you focus on what’s most important – running your business.

Find out more about our IT security services.

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