Sacramento Public Library System Takes Information Technology Security Seriously
IT Support in Seattle

Sacramento IT SupportThe Sacramento Public Library has 28 branch locations. To continue to provide their essential services for the community, they needed an assessment of the existing I.T. environment to ensure their infrastructure and systems were operating at top level. The library system issued a Request for Proposal for firms to present their skills and expertise. Apex Technology Management presented their credentials, certifications and experience in the industry as a major player that could garner effective results. After an intensive RFP process, Apex was selected as the firm to complete this task.

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Getting to the Root of the Problem

The Sacramento Public Library system was concerned about their current system and its performance. Their main objective was in keeping the service to the public unhindered, and making sure they could provide access to information in a safe and secure network environment. Knowing how critical I.T. systems are to their mission, and the consistent exposure of information through data breaches at other organizations, the Sacramento Public Library System wanted to counteract any issues that could stem from hacking or a potentially vulnerable network infrastructure. They wanted to provide innovative solutions for their current and future clients within an environment that was free from vulnerability. With 28 locations and over two million items, it is the fourth largest public library system in California. Making sure their system was secure and operating effectively was a priority.

Understanding the System

After understanding what the concerns were, Apex began based on the scope of work outlined in the contract. The Apex team used an industry leading scanning software toolset, conducted both hands-on and virtual assessments, held interviews with the library staff, and used vulnerability testing to discover the “current state” of their I.T. security.  Apex Technology Management’s proprietary assessment process provided essential in-depth information to help understand the state of the current environment.  Apex also conducted tests on the physical and virtual security layers, conducted external penetration testing, evaluated PCI compliance, and assessed the internal and external network vulnerability. These in-depth tests provided comprehensive information that would assist the library system in making current and future decisions. Once this testing and assessment process was completed, Apex was able to compare the current state of the system to the accepted I.T. industry best practices.

Delivering Outstanding Results

The extensive data collected during the assessment was carefully analyzed and these results were presented in-person to library leadership. The presentation included an in-depth explanation of the goals and objectives of the project, what took place, and how the team reached their findings.  Apex was able to provide strategic level reports, a detailed record of the current state of their Information Technology, a gap analysis, and prioritized recommendations for remediation of any concerns. The process was detailed and thorough, providing a basis for the library system to move forward, whether as a comprehensive project or in incremental steps. With the information received, the library will be able to maintain the security of their infrastructure and I.T. environment and continue providing stellar service to the public and both internal and external stakeholders. Alan Worthy, the I.T. Supervisor for the Sacramento Public Library system said, “They covered everything we wanted to hear and needed to hear. They were super engaged throughout the whole process from beginning to end. They gave us a high-level executive view of the top 10 vulnerabilities, and what was really good for me as an I.T. professional was that they gave us the data to back it up. The presentation was great, but the documentation they provided was even better.”