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Staying Safe While Using Public WIFI

Practicing safety online while traveling or using public Wi-Fi can be a challenge. Staying Connected is a must for most mobile users, whether for business or for personal use. The following list provides 8 tips to stay safe online while traveling or using public Wi-Fi.

  • Free Wifi

    Avoid PUBLIC WI-FI

    Don’t connect to a free public Wi-Fi unless you absolutely have to. When necessary, utilize a VPN software to connect to a public Wi-Fi network so that a private tunnel is created, encrypting and protecting your data on the public network.

  • Ransomware Threat


    of Wi-Fi users are not aware of ransomware as a threat, regardless of how pervasive this threat is.

    Check the integrity of the wi-fi

    Make sure you check with the location you plan to use free Wi-Fi to ensure you are connecting to the intended Wi-Fi network and not a fake site set up by an attacker.

  • Wireless Connection

    disable features

    Turn off file sharing and Airdrop options when using a public Wi-Fi. Also, turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi when you are not using them.

  • More than one in ten had banked online using public Wi-Fi.
    According to a survey,
    • 71%

      had accessed their email using public Wi-Fi.

    • 31%

      had shopped online using a credit card.

  • More than


    of all open wi-fi networks are susceptible to abuse.

    employ anti-malware & antivirus

    Ensure you have anti-malware and antivirus installed on your mobile devices. Be sure it is kept up to date and scan your device frequently.

  • Disable Geolocation



    of MILLENIALS have shared information while on public Wi-Fi, the largest percentage of any generation.

    disable geolocation

    Disable geolocation on your phone or mobile device when you are not in a safe environment.

  • Password

    Two factor authentication: something you know + something you have

    implement two-factor authentication

    Two-factor authentication requires a security code you receive on your phone to log in. This way, a malicious hacker can’t login unless they have access to your phone number or SMS, even if they know your mail account and password.

  • danger


    of Wi-Fi users do not believe public Wi-Fi is secure.


    Use it anyway

    stay aware of your surroundings

    Never work with sensitive data in public where someone can see over your shoulder and steal that data.

  • Wifi


    of Wi-Fi users connect to public Wi-Fi at least three times per week and,


    connect to public Wi-Fi every day.

    use your own wi-fi

    Invest in a Wi-Fi mobile hot spot available for purchase via a wireless carrier.

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