Microsoft Surface Allowing Business-Owners to Reinvent the Workspace for Modern Commerce
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Apex Technology Management urging busy Northern California professionals to give Microsoft Surface serious consideration

Microsoft has long been a household name for countless businesses across a variety of industries. Rivaled only by Apple, Microsoft has been setting industry standards of excellence in the development of innovative and practical technologies to help businesses thrive. The latest innovation out of the Microsoft camp is centered around their new Surface line, that is effectively redefining the personal work-station for business.

Windows Surface Business

The Microsoft Surface line is designed with the modern professional in mind, crafted meticulously to offer optimal versatility and power. The new line of PC’s includes three different styles and offer options for every kind of busy professional in a modern business world. Whether a business requires increased versatility or portability, The Microsoft Surface line includes a variety of solutions to optimize productive power:

  • Microsoft Surface Book – The ultimate laptop has been created in the Microsoft Surface Book. The laptop’s computing power is only paralleled by the sleek and meticulous design that allows the PixelSense display to easily detach or flip 180 degrees. The included stylus allows for full note taking, directly on the high-resolution, touch enabled screen. The Surface Book is fully equipped to run a variety of professional grade software for anything from accounting, engineering, design and everything in between. 
  • Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Like the Surface Book, Microsoft’s latest tablet is the perfect choice for increased portability. Defined by productivity, this lightweight but high powered tablet runs the full Window’s 10 Professional operating system and instantly converts to a laptop when connected to a magnetically attached keyboard. Combining the productive power of a PC and the portable versatility of a touch screen tablet, Microsoft Surface Pro 4 is perfectly poised to replace the laptop for the on-the-go professional.
  • Microsoft Surface Studio – For the professional who’s looking for optimized and versatile PC design without sacrificing display size, productive capacity or computing power, Microsoft Surface Studio is a no-brainer. Designed with the creative professional in mind, Surface Studio boasts a 28” PixelSense display that provides a huge canvas for a variety of projects. The display can be used upright like a standard PC screen and can be flipped and drawn on like a drafting table.

More and more, the modern business world is demanding increased speed, efficiency and versatility from entrepreneurs and staff members. Microsoft is looking to address that need with this new line of adaptable, powerful and beautifully designed machines. No matter what the specific business demands, Microsoft Surface is looking to free professionals from the confines of the traditional desk.

Windows Surface Studio

Apex Technology Management is committed to helping business-owners across a variety of verticals, thrive through technology optimization. The features, resources and optimizations offered in the Microsoft Surface line have the potential to bring increased versatility and productive power to a variety of professionals in small business, education, government, retail, finance, healthcare and virtually any other industry. As a long-time Microsoft partner, Apex Technology Management is excited about connecting their clients and other local business professionals with the latest Microsoft innovation, designed specifically to optimize the business workspace.

If you’d like to connect your business-minded audience with more information about how Microsoft Surface can help them transform their organizations and redefine business efficiency, please don’t hesitate to reach out to the Apex team to learn more.

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