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Our clients love Microsoft solutions. And they love the fact that they can get all the assistance and support they need from our team if they run into any snags.

But now they have an even better reason to reach out to us!

Sorry… We’re going to brag a bit here.

Our teammate Kyle Sandhofner recently obtained his MCSE – Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert Productivity Certificate for Office 365 and Exchange! 


This is one of the globally recognized standards for IT professionals!

You rock, Kyle!

Our team thanks you for your hard work and dedication to our customers’ success!



“What Is An MCSE Certification Anyway?” –You Ask.

An MCSE (Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer) has passed exams on the Microsoft operating system, related desktop systems, networking, and their BackOffice server products. It’s the most popular and important in a set of training programs that Microsoft calls the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP).

What’s really important to know is that this certification validates that Kyle has the skills needed to move our client organizations to the cloud, increase user productivity and flexibility, reduce data loss, and improve data security.

It takes true dedication and a desire to succeed to pass Microsoft’s exams. MCP-qualifying exams include all of the exams required in the Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA)MCSE, and MCSD certifications.

Want to know how this will this help your business?

Microsoft has revolutionized the way we work. It’s hard to find another software company that has had the global impact of Microsoft.

But, finding trustworthy Microsoft professionals in and around Redding can be a daunting task.

And, when you do find a tech professional like Kyle who is dedicated and determined enough to achieve Microsoft certifications, it’s like you’ve struck gold! “Woo-hoo!”

You think I’m exaggerating? If you knew what it takes to accomplish this, you wouldn’t.

But, the bottom line is that our teammate’s certifications will help your organization reach the “apex of success” when using Microsoft and other software solutions.

So, what can Office 365 and Exchange do for you?

In our minds, there’s no better solution for small and mid-sized businesses than Microsoft Office 365.

Why?… Because instead of simply packaging the popular applications you use (like Excel, Word, PowerPoint and more) Microsoft has taken the extra step to integrate these tools and more, providing you with the capabilities a larger-sized business enjoys.

Forgive me if I go on a bit here…There’s just so much to share, and so many ways Office 365 can improve the way you and your team work together.

With Office 365 and Exchange, your team can worry less, work easier and work together.

When developing Office 365, Microsoft’s goal was to develop an umbrella solution that lets you access the applications you need on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktops – and from wherever you are.

Collaboration is the big thing here. You can set permissions so that your authorized peeps can access your documents and files as you wish.

Having everything on the Cloud makes it easy to securely share information with whoever you want. You can create groupings for projects, and work with teams via sharing sites, videos and private social networking.

No worries about security, either. Office 365 is in a secure cloud, so you don’t have to rely on your own servers, worry about data loss, or stress about email downtime. It comes with built-in:

  • Mobile Device Management to protect your organization’s data if devices are lost or stolen.
  • Data Loss Prevention so you can comply with privacy laws and regulations.
  • Rights Management Services so you can always see who’s accessing your information. (It’s like having X-Ray vision! Really!)

Everything will be synced and ready for on-the-go access. Work the way you want, where you want, and with the applications you already use like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, and Publisher.

Plus, you can create and edit documents in real-time with your peeps, AND, you get 1TB of online storage…That’s a lot of data!

All these applications can be integrated–you won’t have to leave your PowerPoint slides to insert an Excel file, etc. This really rocks!

No more email worries. They’ll be synced and safely stored with Exchange Online,

Microsoft’s backend email server. (Remember, Kyle is certified in this as well!)

You get 50GB of mailbox storage per user, you can manage your business communications across all your devices, and you can share emails and attachments easily and securely.

Hey, I told you there was a lot to share about Microsoft Office 365. And guess what? I’m not done yet! So, keep reading, please.

OneDrive for Business lets you store all your documents and files in the Cloud, so you have access to all your work from one place. (And remember, you get 1TB of cloud storage per user!)

Skype for Business is now a Microsoft product. You’re probably already familiar with Skype. But now, it’s been incorporated into Office 365, so you have access to messaging, audio and video calls, and online meetings, all from this one application.

SharePoint Online is a content management system that you can use to share ideas and work with your peers.

Yammer is a texting application that’s now part of the Office 365 solution. Texting is often the way to go when you need to send a quick message. Plus, you can create team chat rooms, send texts back and forth easily, and send private messages to your team. (The FBI folks needed this!) It’s incorporated into your other Office 365 apps too.

Groups is a team-share site where you can collaborate on and manage projects using a shared inbox, calendar, document library site, and Yammer feeds. You don’t have to individually assign permissions like you do in SharePoint because the group will have pre-set permissions.

Whew! Are your eyeballs falling out yet? Don’t’ stop reading. There’s some good stuff here!

Office 365 Video lets you capture, share and discover videos from any device using Microsoft’s cloud. No more sending large video files that take forever to download! You simply stream or edit them right from the Cloud.

Delve lets you get to know your peeps better. And who doesn’t want to do this?

Create a profile and put documents, videos, blogs, anything you want to share about yourself with others. You can even search across your organization for information and insights derived from individual user behavior, relationships to content, topics and one another.

BI for Everyone! The Business Intelligence in Office 365 is way cool! It lets you collect, filter and organize your company’s data so you can spot trends, patterns and focus on what’s important. You can share this data with your peeps to help you make better decisions for your organization.

The Trust Center… now, who doesn’t need more trust? Seriously, this is a customer-focused area with a dashboard where you can access tools, online support, controls to help with archiving data, and more that lets you work with data that previously only the techies could! For example, you can archive emails for all your employees for five years by simply clicking a few boxes.

The Compliance Center lets you control, store and archive data to meet legal, regulatory and organizational requirements all from one place. Plus, it integrates with all of Office 365’s features, including Exchange and SharePoint. Easy!

eDiscovery allows you to search for documents using specific queries. This is much easier than going file-by-file to find them. You can find, protect and transfer content all from one central point.

I’m almost done…

Rights Management Services improve the security of your data with advanced encryption using RMS (Risk Management Solutions). Whether it’s a spreadsheet, financial information or other documents, you can protect them with a password, or set permissions allowing access for your selected peeps. Plus, you can encrypt your emails from here.

Data Loss Prevention Now you can block the transmission of your organization’s sensitive information. When credit card numbers or sensitive account numbers, etc., are keyed into an email or document, a pop-up warns you that you’re trying to send sensitive information. It relays your security policy or can even block the transmission of this information automatically. Sneaky!

Good job hanging in with me folks! Now, aren’t you glad you did?

Did I leave anything out? If I did, contact the team at Apex Technology Management. They’ll even come out to your worksite and give you a free demo of everything I discussed.

Even better, ask for Kyle! You’ll love working with him. He’s a great guy!

Call us in Redding, CA at (800) 310-2739

Email us at


Or go to our contact page and let us know how we can help! “Woo-hoo!”





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