The 2019 Guide To Selecting A New IT Company In Fresno, CA
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It is an unfortunate statistic to consider, but as many as 27 percent of small business owners do not have any level of IT support. Unfortunately, when a business does not have IT support, it can bring about a massive list of problems and can drastically affect a business’s ability to be successful and operate smoothly.

In modern business, technology is like the underlying platform that fuels almost every daily business function. Not having an IT company to help you oversee the technological processes of your business is a little like building a building on top of sand that could shift at any moment and cause your demise. If you are searching for an IT service company in FresnoCA, there are a few questions you should know the answers to about any IT company you are considering.

What are the costs involved with the IT services provided?

Keeping your bottom line tight means paying attention to every dollar that you spend. Therefore, one of the most important things to ask about an IT service company in Fresno is how much they charge for their services. Most IT companies use certain factors to offer a price quote, such as:

  • How many computers or pieces of hardware your business has
  • What service levels your business needs (i.e., cloud storage hosting, help desk support, etc.)
  • Approximate hours of support your business will need per week

If you come across a company that takes your information and still cannot give you an approximation of what your monthly service fees will be, it is best to move on to another company. The best providers can quickly and efficiently do a short assessment and give you a baseline estimate to give you an idea of what you would pay for their services.

What are the different service levels available?

Not every outsourced IT support service is going to offer the same service levels to clients, which means it is your responsibility to find out in advance what any company has to offer. You should find out what the company provides service plans to fit your business model. The three primary levels of service from most IT providers include:

  • Break-Fix Type Services – Simple per-problem charges for specific issues. For example, if you have a router that goes out, the IT company would quote you a price for fixing the problem and then fix it.
  • Hourly Rate Services – Hourly rate services are just as they sound; services are provided by the hour. This is a good option for businesses who need short-term additional IT support services.
  • Monthly Contract Services – Monthly contract services allow business owners to take advantage of full IT support on all levels. Some IT services work with only these monthly contract clients.

In general terms, business owners are better off to sign up for monthly contract services. If you only bring in IT support on an as-needed basis for break-fix or hourly rates, you could quickly end up spending more money. The reason this is relates to the fact that full ongoing support is the best way to ensure you see fewer problems because your networks and systems are continuously monitored.

What is included with the IT company in Fresno‘s monthly contract?

Service contracts are the logical solution for the majority of business owners, but even service contracts can vary depending on the IT company. Some companies will offer things like cloud-hosted data storage, around-the-clock security monitoring, and new hardware installation with the monthly contract, while another company may not provide the same things. Before you commit to an agreement with a particular company, make sure you find out precisely what that contract is going to include and what would be deemed as an additional service. A few services that could or could not be provided with a contract include:

  • Mobile network management
  • Network connectivity troubleshooting
  • Implementing new software programs on the network
  • After-hours emergency tech support
  • Server support

The best IT service companies in Fresno will allow businesses to pick and choose the areas of support they feel they will need for their business. This custom-built monthly contract service usually proves to be the best fit.

Will the contract with an IT company in Fresno include an SLA?

An SLA, which stands for Service Level Agreement, is what will guarantee you that the IT company will provide services in a specific way that you both can agree to. For example, the SLA may outline how long the IT company will take to get to you when you have a problem. This agreement is essential to ask about for a few reasons. For one, it shows that the company wants to ensure you are in full understanding of what they can offer. Secondly, it gives you the ability to break the contract with the provider if the IT service provider does not meet the SLA.

Does the IT company have experience in your business industry?

It is often disregarded just how essential it is to have an IT service provider who is familiar with your particular business industry, but this is a hugely important factor. When an IT service provider understands your business and how it functions, they have a better understanding of what your IT needs are going to look like. Therefore, they can build service arrangements and plans that are uniquely designed to accommodate your business and what it’s technological requirements will be.

In the end, the time that you put into picking the best IT service provider will save you a lot of time and money down the road. Apex Technology Management offers IT services to businesses across the state of California. If you are looking for a good IT service company in FresnoCA, reach out to Apex Technology Management for more information about their line of services to help your business stay secure, flourish, and evolve with changes in technology.