Great Northern Services Looks to Apex Technology Management, Inc. for Help in Their Time of Need
IT Support in Seattle

Great Northern Services is committed to helping communities navigate growth and change while embracing the cultural, social, environmental, and economic qualities that are the essential to what makes a place a valued home.  Great Northern Services provides essential programs to the community, but for them to operate effectively, they rely on their IT environment. It was imperative for Great Northern Services to find an IT partner that they could trust to manage their IT operations.

In order for an organization to function in today’s information driven environment, technology is a critical component of any strategic plan. It is crucial that non-profit organizations have a reliable and responsive IT partner to turn to. Outdated technologies and a lack of effective support can have devastating effects on your ability to fulfill your mission and serve the community members you are trying to help.

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A Non-profit Organization Helping Communities Deserves an IT Partner Who Can Provide the Same Level of Commitment & Dedication!

Great Northern Services provides assistance with economic development, housing development, and community infrastructure programs. They help individuals through county-wide programs that aid in food, energy, as well as home-weatherization efforts.

Serving the cities of Dunsmuir, Mt. Shasta, Weed, Dorris, Fort Jones, Etna, Yreka, Tulelake, Montague, and the County of Siskiyou, Great Northern Services fulfills an essential role for the community.

Marie-Josée Wells, Development Director of Great Northern Services elaborates, saying, “We provide programs that support equal access across society in all streams – to reduce hunger in children, seniors and veterans, make homes warm, healthy and free of environmental hazards, offer access to business capital, foster community development of infrastructure for safe water, sewer, and we deliver the research and resources to support such projects. . .

Most of our funders require that performance reporting be submitted online only.”

With the high volume and critical nature of the work that Great Northern Services needs to accomplish, having an efficient and stable IT environment was crucial for them in order to achieve their goals.

A Dedicated, Expert IT Partner Willing to Go Above & Beyond For the Greater Good!

“We published an RFP,” explains Wells, “and Apex Technology Management, Inc. was chosen over many respondents. We started working with Apex on August 1st, 2014, and the first item on the list was to install the backup system the company had already purchased.”

On September 15, 2014, shortly after Great Northern Services signed on with Apex, a terrible fire of historic proportion started on Boles Street in Weed, CA. – right across the street from their new office. Their entire building and all of their servers and workstations were a complete loss.

“We experienced firsthand the dedication and knowledge of the team at Apex after our building and its contents were destroyed in the Boles fire.” says Wells.

Just two days after the destruction, after finding a new building to house them, Apex was able to:

  • Set up a temporary server
  • Restore the backups from the system installed upon partnership
  • Bring up a network with computers borrowed from community members, as well as a few computers that they had saved from the fire
  • Set up a printer to allow several departments to resume their work as quick as possible

“All that before we even had desks and chairs.” Wells remarks.

Apex was then able to recommend the equipment best suited to be purchased, ordered it, and installed it – restoring them to full service on the day they moved into their temporary space.

It was important for Apex to get Great Northern Services up and running quickly in order to help the community in their time of need. Once Great Northern Services opened up in their temporary space, they served as a food distribution point for the many victims of the fire.

Efficient Technologies & Knowledgeable Team to Support & Assist Them Through Their Own Time of Need!

Disaster Recovery Redding

The Boles Fire in Weed completely consumed Great Northern Services’ historic office building, critical servers and workstations, company vehicles, and even their food and supplies inventories. Within two days, their offices were established at a new location – and all IT applications were up and running with the loaner equipment provided by Apex.

Wells says that without a doubt, the work and services that Apex has provided to Great Northern Services during this time of need and even after has allowed them to achieve their goals. Along with this, she continues to express appreciation on behalf of Great Northern Services for the work that Apex has done, and the customer service that they have received. Wells beams:

“We always feel treated as if we were their only and the best customer. Apex customer service is impeccable. . . Highly professional, highly knowledgeable, highly helpful and extremely patient.”

Apex is genuinely committed to making positive change and giving back to the community through compassion, concern, and care for our clients, employees, and world. We will go above and beyond for your purpose; we implement the right solutions, we do things the right way, and this happens the first time – every time. Give us a call at (800) 310-2739, or send us an email at to learn about how we can help your organization.