8 Questions When Interviewing Fresno IT Companies (2019 Guide)
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Choosing the right IT company in Fresno is important, because your needs are going to be different from the needs of other businesses searching for IT support. It will be easier to get a list of questions before you start, make an appointment and relax. If all goes well, you’ll find not just a company that can help fulfill your computing needs, but a partner willing to work with you and help you get ahead.

Do You Have References?

This is one of the most important questions, and you should feel comfortable following up. There may be written recommendations that give a good idea of the work quality and relationship, but you should ask your own questions before you make a decision.

There should be a list of other companies who are so satisfied with the services they received that they are happy to speak with other potential customers about how happy they are. In fact, the first question you should always ask is “Would you hire this company again?”

Depending on how that question goes, you may not feel the need to ask other questions.

Other important questions are:

  • Did they deliver what they promised?
  • Did they come in under budget, or at least a budget?
  • Are they responsive when you have a problem? Do they listen to your concerns?
  • How long does it take after you call before you get the help you need?

What Makes You Different From Other Fresno IT Companies?

This is a very broad question, but it speaks to the vision and potential work quality of the company. You want to work with people who see their own company growing, and want to work hard to achieve long-term goals.

There may be other important differences which are personal, and which make you want to work with them more and support them.

Are There Special Technicians and Others Assigned to My Account?

With some companies, there will be 1 or 2 techs who are assigned to regularly work on a particular account. Other companies have a rotating schedule for all the techs, meaning that anyone who works for the company could end up helping you.

If there are certain techs that you will be working with, they will already be familiar with the way your equipment is set up and how everything works. Otherwise, you might end up explaining everything again whenever there is a problem.

You may or may not get your own account manager, but if you do, you will have a special contact point where you can go for help on any problems you are experiencing with service, billing, or anything else. Having an assigned account manager will make you feel comfortable knowing you won’t be waiting to find out who to talk to when you have a question.

What Kinds of Certifications Do Your Techs Have?

Competition within Fresno IT Companies is stiff right now, and there are a lot of people who have obtained basic certifications through classes. You can ask which certifications the techs have and if they have gone beyond the basic knowledge required to work in the IT field.

You can also ask how much experience they have beyond the basic certifications. Many of the people who earned legitimate certifications and qualifications earned them by taking classes, online and even in person, where they might never have touched a computer besides the one that ran the simulations. Online classes allow students to qualify without practical experience, and you don’t want to pay for that experience while they learn what a real computer looks and feels like.

Can You Give an Example of a Big Problem You Encountered and Explain How You Solved It?

This is a great way to get a feel for how the company will deal with problems. Hopefully, you will never experience a crisis, but you will feel more secure knowing you have the support of someone who isn’t afraid to tackle a serious problem.

You can also get a feel of how they treated their other clients, and the urgency they felt helping someone else.

How Much Do Your Services Cost, and Is That Comparable to Other Fresno IT Companies?

The number one rule with pricing is that it should be transparent. You should never feel surprised over how much your IT services cost.

In the beginning, you will discuss the price of the services you need and how much everything costs with the account manager. Then you will be able to budget for your IT needs, knowing ahead of time what the monthly charge will be.

Related to Cost, Do You Offer Flat Fees or Varying Levels of Support?

Again, every company is different, and you may need a lot of services or a little. Do you need continuous monitoring? Do you only have a need for services once a week?

The flat fee should also cover emergencies that may arise, so your own company isn’t left holding the bag.

What Are Your Company’s Ethics?

If you are having trouble choosing among Fresno IT Companies, a commitment to ethical actions can help you decide. Many companies work hard to promote green practices throughout the organization, and you can feel better knowing you are part of it.