The Carr Fire Has Left Thousands Homeless!

The disastrous Carr fire in Northern California has made nationwide headline news and over 1,100 homes (and growing) have been destroyed by the fire. That means there are thousands of people who have lost their homes.

Many of those homes are in the City of Redding and Shasta County, where Apex is headquartered. We must do something to help.

There is an opportunity here for us to help to do something that would greatly benefit those who lost everything to the fire. A basic laptop as one of the primary needs for those who have lost their homes, and it makes complete sense. These people who are out of a home and have lost all of their electronics and other worldly possessions now find themselves having to fill out reams of insurance documents, FEMA paperwork, etc. Many have children that start school in less than two weeks and no longer have a family computer.

We are asking laptop manufacturers, friends, businesses, and other Managed Service Providers nationwide like Apex to donate so that new laptops or Chromebooks can be purchased to help these families. Our goal is to provide one laptop or Chromebook per household to those who have lost their home in the fire.

Can you help?

The easiest way to help is to make a direct tax-deductible donation at the link below and be sure that “Technology Relief Fund – Carr Fire” is in the box designating a special purpose:


A $250.00 donation will allow for the purchase of one laptop or Chromebook, a $500.00 donation will allow the purchase of two laptops or Chromebooks. Apex and NVCSS are using all donation funds for the direct purchase with no markup or profit. We are working with the manufacturers to get special pricing, so your donation can purchase as much as possible.

Please also fill out the form above so we can track the progress.

This is time critical. The need for the technology is immediate as these families are beginning to plan how they will start the process of moving forward from their loss.

Here is a short video with more information about this fire:

Thanks in advance for your help!
Team Apex and the Redding Community.