How Can Dropin Help Your California Business Succeed?
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How Can Dropin Help You Get Your Work Done?

A new co-working space that the owners believe can be a template for economic growth is now available in Redding, California. Co-founders Greg Ramsey and Brad Rostocil opened Dropin’s doors next to Starbucks on Lake Boulevard.

Apex Technology Management has been helping Dropin get their IT up and running. We conducted an interview with Brad and Greg so you can learn more about Dropin and what it’s all about.

What Is Dropin?

Dropin is a workspace on demand, which is similar to co-working. It’s a shared workspace that individuals and businesses can rent on an hourly, daily, weekly or monthly basis. Customers bring in their own devices.

Dropin also provides secure fast Wi-Fi, video call booths for private calls, collaboration stations, a private space for team meetings, conference rooms and more. It’s for mobile professionals and others who need a professional setting to work in.

Why Did Greg and Brad Start Dropin?

Dropin Redding CA

About five years ago, Greg was developing web and iPhone apps, and he needed to meet with clients. He didn’t have a formal office, and coffee shops and public spaces just weren’t adequate for his requirements.

So, Greg and Brad decided to put together an idea for co-working. They started with a strategy called “hot desking,” which is an office organization system where multiple workers share a single physical work station on a first-come, first-served basis. Then they decided to move into a rental model where professionals can reserve the spaces they need.

What Perks Are Available For People Who Rent Monthly At Dropin?

These customers have access to Dropin’s secure fast Wi-Fi 24/7. If the Dropin office is closed, they can go next door to the coffee shop and still use the secure Wi-Fi.

They also get credits towards conference room times, which they can reserve. Or they can acquire guest passes for their clients. They get a certain amount of these each month.

What Makes Dropin Different Than Working at a Starbucks or Other Similar Businesses?

It’s Dropin’s professional setting plus the fact that they have a full 250Mbps fiber Internet connection running throughout the facility. And they have a high-security Wi-Fi system, not a public Wi-Fi. This is becoming more and more important these days with cybersecurity concerns.

Because business professionals of all types work at Dropin, it provides a venue for sharing of ideas and expertise as well. Not only local community members but professionals from out of town use Dropin.

Everything Dropin provides is very high-end; it’s a great place for people to work.

Two people shaking hands discussing Dropin

How Did Apex Help Dropin?

Apex Technology Management provided Dropin with an encrypted and secure IT system that requires passwords for every user. This eliminates outsiders from logging into the network.

Brad and Greg can monitor the system and see exactly who is using it and with what devices. This is important for them to provide a safe IT space for their customers to work.

Some customers work on confidential files with trade secrets that cannot be exposed. Their customers must be able to trust that Dropin will always provide the IT security they need, and the technology designed by Apex Technology Management ensures this.

How Does Dropin See Apex Helping Them In The Future As They Grow?

With their first site in Redding, Brad and Greg’s plan all along has been to expand into multiple locations. Their monthly membership plan will allow these members to use any one of Dropin’s sites.

Apex is especially important in this regard because as Dropin expands, they will require the same secure network access for their customers in other locations.

Apex will also be their trusted IT advisor for new technologies that come on the market that will help them streamline their work processes. And Apex provides them advice for arranging and setting up workstations, wire ports and other IT devices and solutions.

Brad explains more:

“We’ve had nothing but positive experiences with Apex. They were here three years ago when we came up with concept and were integral in providing the advice needed to plan for what Dropin would require in terms of technology. Then they helped us by supplying and implementing the equipment and IT solutions that we needed.

What we most appreciated was that even though it took us three years to get Dropin off the ground, the team at Apex Technology Management was patient and there for us the entire time. They were willing to stick with us until we got Dropin up and running. We couldn’t have done this without the expertise they provided.”

Greg adds:

“We’ve been super pleased with Apex’s responsiveness. When we had a question about the Cisco system they suggested, they immediately reached out to us with the answers. And when we need onsite support, they send a tech out right away. We have no complaints. And we look forward to a long partnership with Apex as we move forward.”

Here’s a great article that was recently published about Dropin in a USA Today network paper if you’d like to learn more.