Don’t Let Technology Be The Reason You’re So Busy This Holiday Season!
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Don’t Let Technology Be The Reason You’re So Busy This Holiday Season!

Technology holds such a promising allure for business. Its powerful automation and wire-cutting mobility will faithfully serve your business day and night, setting you free to pursue the truly important things in life. However, this holiday season I have to ask, has the loyal servant quietly revolted and enchained its master? Is your technology making you, your employees, co-workers and families more free, or have you unwittingly become a slave to your business through the heavy iron chains of technology?

Those of us who work in technology must always remember this central principle: that technology exists to serve people. We need to regularly ask ourselves if the systems that we are implementing are achieving that purpose. Far too often, people and organizations become subservient to well-intentioned, but poorly executed technology “solutions”. Technology that forces us to work within its stringent guidelines, technology that tethers us to the office 24×7, technology that separates us from the people we serve. If we get technology wrong — and I’m afraid that far too often we do — it can smother or kill the joy, creativity and relationships that make our businesses and lives meaningful.

I recently had the privilege of watching the wonderful Redding original production, The Cascade Christmas, which reminded me of these truths. How easy it is for a busy, well-meaning family to become enslaved and disconnected by the technology that was meant to connect them. The reminders are all around us, all you have to do is survey the bleachers of a child’s sporting event, or glance around the room at a company Christmas party, or maybe even around your Christmas tree on Christmas morning, to see how the promised “freedom” of our technology has turned out to be one of the greatest lies we’ve ever fallen for.

Apex’s goal is to bring technology back into submission of you and your organization. Your technology exists to serve you and not the other way around, and we must find ways to make sure it is doing that. Our mission at Apex is to transform organizations and lives through innovative technology solutions. Our promise is to always evaluate how that transformation will transform your organization and life and ensure that it is making things better for you, your family, your co-workers, and those you serve. We are a company that gets that IT (including us at Apex), exists to serve you, and not the other way around.

It’s also important to remember that sometimes technology serves a specific purpose for a time, but needs to be reevaluated to ensure that it’s still useful to you. Just because a system served you well last year, doesn’t mean that it is still benefiting you today. I’d encourage every business decision maker (and individual for that matter), to regularly ask yourself if each system, program, device, etc., is still accomplishing its intended purpose, and if it is effectively enabling the values that are most important to you. If it isn’t, then it’s about time you set yourself free from its digital bond.

If your technology has become the inmate running the prison, perhaps it’s time to give us a call. Contact us at 800-310-2739 or today. Let us evaluate how well your systems are working for you, and let’s dream together about how we can bring back the promise of technology, to set you and your organization free.