How Does Apex Do A Better Job Than A One or Two Person Computer Company?
IT Support in Seattle

Smaller businesses tend to have a small in-house IT department with only a couple of people. If you’ve ever worked with a small in-house or managed IT services company, then you may know already how they work.

They have limited knowledge and time to work on any project. They will get around to your issues when they get a chance. They’re always too busy and pressed for time. It leaves a business owner with nowhere to turn. You might have computers that are on the fritz. You may need to add some workstations. But your problems have to wait because the accounting department has first dibs on their services.

Thinking About Hiring A One to Two Person IT Company In Redding Or Fresno?

If this sounds like something that you deal with on a regular basis, then there’s good news. You might benefit from working with a larger managed IT services company like Apex Technology Management. The reason? We will prioritize your needs. You’re first on our list, not last.

When you become a customer at Apex Technology Management, you’ll get 250 years of combined experience in the world of Information Technology.

What many businesses benefit from the most is our long list of certifications. We are certified in all of the well-known technologies and that gives us a world of experience, skill and technical expertise that would otherwise cost you a fortune.

A small in-house IT group or a small managed IT services provider will not be able to provide you with this level of talent, knowledge and certifications.

Our Certifications include:

  • Microsoft Silver Certified Partner
  • Microsoft Small Business Specialist
  • VMWare Enterprise Partner
  • Dell EMR Solution Partner
  • Dell Enterprise Architecture Certified Storage Specialist
  • Citrix Silver Solution Advisor
  • CalHIPSO
  • Cisco Select Certified Partner
  • Best in Shasta

Get Mountains of Experience When Teaming Up With A Professional IT Company In Redding, Fresno & Across California

A managed IT service provider like Apex Technology Management will have tools, resources, skilled people and a mountain of experience to offer their customers. It takes years to accumulate the type of experience we have. Basically, we’ve seen and heard everything and have learned from each experience.

Providers with this level of technical expertise can help a company find the right combination of hardware and software products to help them serve their customers better. This is the foundation of our service offerings. We have spent years building an amazing reputation and we work hard every day to maintain that reputation.

Our business philosophy is about creating trustworthy and respectful partnerships that allow clients to meet their goals and objectives. We invest in our people with regular training so they can stay up to date in today’s best technology.

Customized IT Services For Organizations In Redding, Fresno & All Parts Of California

One thing you can count on from Apex Technology Management is that we will become familiar with your business and industry. This enables our team to better serve your needs. When you have a number of customers in different industries, it can become difficult to keep up with it all. But service providers who go the extra mile make time to find out about each client. They’re interested in what you do and what sets your company apart from others.

Apex has continuously grown since its inception – becoming the largest and most well respected IT services company in Northern California and as far south as Fresno. And that’s the secret to our success: Each customer is treated like they’re the only one.

We know that your business depends heavily upon technology to get the job done each day. It’s not about fixing a few broken computers. It’s about finding out what your business goals are and then helping you achieve them with today’s most modern technology resources.

Get The Best IT Services In California

If you’re looking for a company that will go above and beyond, then give Apex Technology a call. We specialize in helping our clients succeed because whenever you reach your business goals, everyone prospers and benefits.

If you’re ready to start a new IT project and need the kind of help that will make your project 100% successful, then let’s talk. We really do understand what it takes to operate a successful business.

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