Carr Fire Update: Support for Local Business Impacted by Fire & Evacuations
IT Support in Seattle

Apex has been following closely as the Carr fire has continued to burn and spread out of control last night and into Thursday. The fire has slowly but steadily continued to inch toward Redding homes and businesses and countless areas have been ordered to evacuate, while surrounding areas wait on pins and needles.

With high temperatures and increasing burn potential, many homes and businesses are in the line of fire. Redding emergency service departments and first response teams are working diligently to update evacuation zones and keep people safe from danger. Many families and businesses have been left scrambling to evacuate or prepare for potential evacuation.

Note: See the end of this notice for a list of updated evacuation orders and be sure to stay in tune with local news outlets for continued updates.

RESCUE CALL: Does your business need critical backup / emergency IT support in the wake of the Carr fire?

Since Apex has been following the conditions closely, we already have an active team working to support evacuated businesses and organizations. We can confirm that our team has verified reliable off-site backups for all of our backup service clients on the West side of town. We are working consistently to get real-time backups for anyone on the West side who has a nightly backup service. The Apex team is also working diligently to respond to as many non-Digital Umbrella clients as possible in order to implement emergency off-site backups.

Of course, our priority is to ensure effective and reliable support for our emergency services, healthcare and first responder clients first. It is of utmost importance that we support these service providers first and with all of our available resources to ensure they’re able to help those in need as efficiently and effectively as possible. Our Total Support clients are also at the top of our priority list as we work to keep everyone safe and connected.

However, Apex would like to extend an invitation to any and all Redding businesses in need of emergency support. If you are aware of a business that is threatened by the fires and is being faced with evacuation, please direct them our way or contact us immediately. We will offer reliable and emergent IT assistance and will provide additional help in any way we can. Further, if you are aware of individuals or families who we can help otherwise, please share our contact information with them as well. Our team is on the ready to help in any way possible.

The best mode of contact, for the time being, is a direct email to This will us help avoid tying up phone lines during this critical time of danger and evacuation. Also, stay tuned with our social media channels as we will be posting periodic updates as they arise. Please see below for a recently updated list of evacuation orders in the surrounding areas.


  • Iola Road
  • Glendale Pines Drive
  • Dantra Lane
  • Yucatan Trail
  • Walker Terrace
  • Whispering Pines Drive
  • Bandana Mine Road
  • Mi Own Way
  • Dekkas Pom Court
  • Bandana Trail
  • Surprise Lane
  • Rancho Loh Lane
  • Gold Springs Place
  • Gold Rush Drive
  • Forest Trail
  • Mining Claim Road
  • Tanstaafl Lane
  • Millie Street
  • Laurel Street
  • Oak Street
  • Park Street
  • George Street
  • Wagner Street
  • Benson Drive
  • Winderland Drive
  • Rock Creek Road
  • Wingfield Lane
  • Patchet Trail
  • Miners Gulch Road
  • Bird Valley Drive
  • Pinecrest Drive
  • Sugar Pine Lane
  • Edwin Road
  • Stardust Lane
  • Scotia Lane
  • Nova Lane
  • Granit Drive to Mockingbird Hill Road intersection
  • Stone Terrace Way
  • Cross Creek Road
  • Manana Way
  • Maverick Drive


  • Trinity Alley
  • Papas Drive
  • Granite Drive
  • Mockingbird Hill
  • Shadow Mountain Lane
  • Mackley Alley
  • McDonald Alley
  • French Alley
  • Second Street between French and Johnson
  • Johnson Alley
  • Excelsior Alley

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Be sure to stay in tune with local news broadcasts and emergency service updates to monitor new and changing evacuation orders.

Again, please reach out to the Apex team if you or someone you know is in need of assistance. Redding is a strong and tight-knit community and we are standing by to help our neighbors in any way that we can. Reach our team instantly at

Above all please be sure to stay on top of news updates and keep yourself, your loved ones and your employees safe. Do not ignore evacuation orders and be sure to put the physical and emotional well-being of those around you ahead of all other priorities. Stay safe! If you need us, you know where to find us.