Business Continuity
IT Support in Seattle

Your organization lives in a digital world. If your systems are down, your business is down. Don’t let disaster stop your business in its tracks…

As businesses continue to place more value on their information technology for the purpose of supporting communications, managing supply chains, and getting work done, it’s vital to make sure your systems are always up and running.

Due to the prevalence of downtime resulting from human error, cybercrime, and natural disasters, it’s more important than ever before to have a complete business continuity plan in place.

Apex can assess your technology infrastructure, operations and critical systems to develop an effective Business Continuity Plan.

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We know business continuity is all about supporting your company operations before, during, and after any type of interruption. The foundation of any business continuity plan includes a comprehensive backup and disaster recovery solution. We offer our Digital Umbrella service that gives you peace of mind knowing you’re prepared for any situation. There’s no need to spend hours, or worse, days, trying to bring your environment back up, especially considering the high cost of downtime, such as:

  • Wasted payroll dollars
  • Missed business opportunities
  • Damaged customer relationships

Digital Umbrella keeps you from experiencing the negative impact of downtime as you’re able to depend on a local backup appliance that takes multiple backups per day and synchronizes to a secure off-site data center. This means:

  • Failed servers can be brought up and running on the appliance within minutes to restore service while we fix the affected servers.
  • You can now easily achieve regulatory compliance for your data protection and retention requirements no matter if you work in healthcare, legal, financial services, or government.
  • Failed servers can be spun up in the cloud during a total disaster, which means staff can work wherever they have Internet access.
  • Your backup data is always fully secure and encrypted to ensure confidentiality and compliance with industry-specific regulations.
  • Systems can be backed up with a “direct to cloud” option for remote offices and mobile workforce members.

You need a business continuity plan and solution to guarantee that you can access your data and applications wherever you are and whenever you need it even in the event of a major disaster.

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