Do Your Employees Use Business Computers To Surf The Web?
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You Could Be Playing Into the Hands of Hackers

It’s tempting to use your work computer to catch up on personal email. While you’re at it, you might as well see what’s going on at Facebook. Though this is common thinking among many employees, it can result in disaster for your employer.

What many workers do not know is that it’s very easy these days to visit a website infected with a malware virus. You can open an email or an attachment and download a Ransomware virus. In addition, there are new viruses out today that will silently infect a computer in the background. Hackers are using these computers for various scams. One of the popular viruses will turn your computer into a zombie.

What Is A Zombie?

A Zombie is a computer that’s been taken over remotely by a hacker. Once a computer has been turned into a zombie, the hacker can control certain functions in the background without you knowing it.

Today, cyber thieves have come up with much more sophisticated ways to attack your network. Sometimes it can take months before an employer realizes that there is a virus lurking in the background of their network.

Don’t Put Your Business At Risk

With cyber-crimes escalating at ever-increasing rates, there’s no room for error if you run any type of business. You should never mix personal web surfing with company devices. Thousands of Facebook accounts are hacked each day. In many cases, the owner of the account will not find out for days. In the meantime, they can use your Facebook account for all kinds scams. When company computers are thrown into the mix, this can wind up costing the business owner thousands of dollars.

All It Takes Is One Employee And One Computer

Cyber thieves have gotten so good at their jobs that they barely have to work at it anymore. It’s just too easy to redirect a user to a compromised website or convince them to open an infected attachment. In fact, some businesses have had several computers in their network infected with malware. It only takes a few seconds for this to happen.

What Is A Botnet?

One computer that has been infected with malware is known as a zombie. But whenever several computers have been infected, this is known as a botnet.

Hackers love botnets. They can control them remotely and use them in many ways. There are several different types of botnets that are used in various ways. For instance, the ad-fraud botnet takes over the web browser and redirects traffic to certain online advertisements.

Today, hackers even use botnet malware that scans your computers for vulnerabilities. Once the software finds a way into your network, they can infect one computer or all of them. Sometimes business owners don’t realize that computers have been infected because these viruses only use a small number of a computer’s resources. They run in the background and they are hard to detect.

There are a few telltale signs but you really have to be paying attention to notice that a computer has been zombified. Below are a few ways you can tell:

  • Is your computer functioning strangely?
  • Is it running slowly?
  • Does the fan speed up suddenly for no reason?

More and more cyber thieves are using this method to infect business computers because they know that the business owner may not realize what has happened for months. In that length of time, the cyber thief can get quite a bit of cybercrime accomplished with a botnet.

There are many variations of this cybercrime and all of them cost the business owner money in the long run.

Setting Up A Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Policy

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies are very popular these days, but if employee mobile devices are not secured properly, they can allow various malware and Ransomware viruses to gain access into your network.

The best thing you can do for your business is to establish strict policies that prevent employees from using company computers for personal use. If you decide to allow BYOD in the workplace, then be sure to have them set up where company data can be remotely erased from any device that is lost or stolen.

There are other precautions you should take to safeguard your company’s IT infrastructure. Experts predict that cyber-crime will grow to an alarming $7 trillion business worldwide during 2018. But you can protect yourself by being educated and by educating your employees on all the latest cyber threats.

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