What to consider when purchasing a mouse

Everyone is familiar with the traditional two-button mouse with a cord, but this type of mouse has become increasingly unpopular over time. Nowadays, many people prefer to use a wireless mouse, especially the new models that tend to provide more comfort and convenience over prolonged use.

Top tips when selecting an MSP for your business

Technology underpins nearly every aspect of modern business processes. Managing it, however, can be complex and tedious. This is where managed IT services providers (MSPs) can help. Whether your company needs software solutions, network infrastructure management services, or cloud technology, MSPs can provide all this and more.

Apex Technology Management Brings on Former Beverly Hills Assistant Chief of Police, Marc Coopwood


(Redding, CA) October 4, 2021 - With Government being the most targeted industry by cybercriminals in 2021, Apex Technology Management, a New Charter Technologies company, announced that the former Beverly Hills Police Department Assistant Chief, Marc Coopwood, will be joining Apex as Vice President, Public Sector, effective October 4, 2021.

Apex Technology Management is a security first Managed Service Provider that is deeply committed to providing the best IT and Cybersecurity solutions to state and local government entities.

Top 6 Human Errors that Impact Data Security

What is human error in cybersecurity?

The scope of human error in cybersecurity covers the whole gamut of unintentional actions or even lack of action by users that creates vulnerabilities in the system. These actions could include anything from clicking on a malicious link in an email, failure to adhere to safe password practices, or simply leaving your work system or peripherals such as removable storage devices unattended.

Surefire ways to protect your email account

If you think your email is safe from hackers, think again. A lack of sufficient email security protocols can lead to data theft, unauthorized access to sensitive information, and successful malware attacks. Here are some tips to secure your email account from cyberthreats and the many troubles that come with them.

Safeguard your mobile devices with these tips

Mobile devices are generally less secure than laptop and desktop computers. While there are available anti-malware applications for smartphones and tablets, they aren’t as comprehensive as those for laptops and desktops. Additionally, some mobile devices aren’t compatible with certain security applications or measures implemented by businesses.

Microsoft 365’s must-try features for hybrid workers

Keeping employee productivity up, maintaining operational efficiency, and streamlining communications are just some of the challenges in today’s hybrid workplace. Fortunately, organizations can overcome these problems with the help of Microsoft 365’s dynamic new features.