Are you still relying on tape backup as an effective means of business continuity?

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Apex Technology Management has put much thought and research into understanding the efficiency and efficacy of using tape backup for companies just like yours. Their experts have produced an eye-opening ebook on the topic titled, 5 Myths of “Reliable” Tape Backup.

Your tape backups simply aren’t as reliable as you may believe them to be.

Many business leaders of the past were convinced that tape backup was the best, and it was…for a while in the 1980’s. But today’s threats need today’s secure backup solutions!

Get ahead of the crowd. Read 5 Myths of “Reliable” Tape Backup to find the modern backup solutions that your competitors just haven’t come to grips with yet. This important, security-focused ebook explores the myths of tape backup in-depth and provides a range of more reliable and effective alternative solutions for business continuity and data recovery.

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Apex Technology Management understands your need for ironclad, foolproof backup systems. That’s why we’re eager to give you our newest ebook, 5 Myths of “Reliable” Tape Backup.

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